Rakesh Gajjar

He has a Master's degree of Business Administration in Information Technology & Marketing and Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics. Rakesh has a 18+ years of Experience working under Aplab. He is a Executive Technical Director at SpryLogic. He has in depth knowledge in embedded hardware and software.

He has successfully led several key efforts for Aplab including development of inverter topologies, CANBus data-loggers, fuel dispensing calculators, etc.

Nish Deodhar

Nish has a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

His work with IBM allows him to bring to Sprylogic a vast array of skills in the IT market segment. His work has spanned product management, product development, implementing outsourcing methodologies, etc. He has spoken at multiple IT user groups and trade conferences on network and systems management.