Our dedicated team of engineers work on firmware and device driver development, DSP, MSP, VLSI/CPLD/FPGA, as well as power topologies both linear and switch-mode, We also undertake Labview simulation and Automation module development and complete application development for embedded systems.

Sprylogic also has significant experience working with high-level operating systems like Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded CE, and has expertise on implementation of high-speed interfaces (CANBus, MODBus, Ethernet, USB, PCI), integration with wireless data transfer modules (WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS) and other hardware interfaces for the products.

We cans assist customers with documenting their initial technical and functional requirements, design schematic diagrams and even designing multi-layer circuit board while complying with environmental and safety requirements (CE, UL, IEC, etc.). We can also undertake BOM optimizations activities for customers.