Our leading edge bespoke web applications give real time visibility dasboards and provide 360-degree customer views. CRM applications track each interaction with a customer that could be later run against a large portfolio of algorithms for optimized enterprise performance management.

We even integrate these services with our kiosk designs as part of your alternative sales channel strategy.

The solutions offer interactive user navigation features, cross platform compatibility, future expansion, database integration and back-end web programming.

Using cutting edge Web/N Tier Technology like Ruby on Rails / PHP and agile development model, Sprylogic offers faster turnarounds and enhanced performances. Our product line in this section includes:

- QuiQ - Queue management System

- AutoDoc - Document management System

- Cheque Depository System

- Image-Based Cheque Clearing System

- Cheque Truncation Systems

- Spry CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software Package

- Fleet Management Software solutions